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Packaging and Packing Materials

Frontier’s objective regarding packaging is to efficiently use only packaging and supplies that are 100% reclaimable and made with a high percentage of renewable materials.

In 2011 we developed sustainable packaging standards, implemented a database to track the sustainability of each packaging component, and developed and begin implementing a list of sustainable packaging improvements.

packagingThe sustainable packaging standards we developed guide us in every new package or packaging change we make. The standards address issues like recyclability of packaging, recycled content in packaging, and materials not allowed in our packages. See our complete Frontier Packaging Standards for detailed information.

Our most recent sustainability packaging improvements:

  • The post-consumer recycled content in our 15 gram amber plastic bottle for our Aura Cacia was increased to 25%. This saved over 7,800 pounds of PET material.
  • We converted our seasonings labels to a digital print process eliminating the need to produce metal or polymer printing plates that have to be reproduced every time a label is changed. This greatly reduces the amount of set-up materials needed to produce new labels.
  • All of our Frontier bulk labels are now printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper stock. Though the results of the change are modest — it saves about 30 trees — we continue to look for any impactful changes we can make.
  • With our Frontier brand seasonings we instituted a sifter built into the cap reducing packaging materials by 15%. This also makes it easier for the end consumer to recycle as well as it is now one piece. This also resulted in saving approximately 3,800 pounds of material.
  • We reduced the amount of cardboard needed in our Aura Cacia cream products’ master cases by 36%.

The one sustainable packaging improvement that we’ve worked the hardest and the longest at has still not found success. Our Frontier bulk package is made from a multi-layer material that cannot be recycled. We want to replace it with a bulk bag material that can be recycled in most communities. The challenge is finding a material strong enough to withstand the essential oils in our herbs and spices while keeping out light, air, and moisture. Most materials react with many of our botanicals and start to breakdown in storage. We haven't given up and continue to make this packaging goal a high priority. As a matter of fact, it is the number one priority for our sustainability efforts and will be diligently investigated by our newly hired packaging engineer.

In the meantime, however, we have been successful in reducing the amount of packaging needed with this multi-layer film. We have reduced the amount of film needed by 30 percent, thereby reducing the packaging needs on this item by 481,000 square feet of film.

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We continue to follow these guiding principles in relation to our products:

We practice full ingredient disclosure to demonstrate our commitment to product integrity.

We do not support genetically engineered crops and choose certified-organic crops
whenever possible.

We comply with all labeling regulations and avoid making unwarranted or illegal claims.

We honestly answer questions about our products and admit our mistakes.

We make product safety a priority.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

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